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GMG Tech Engineering Ltd Project
1. Conception and Study of a Green Brickyard intended for the arid zone

Analyses & Studies:

History, Market research, ground, manufacturing processes, necessary equipment, power consumptions and economic survey.

Technological integrations and Substitutions of the processes:

It’s mainly to substitute the drying and cooking by using innovative technologies. The goal is to design a green brickyard, independent, modern and without Co2 emissions.

2. Project "4 VELE"

It is a vertical city project "City Life". The project is composed of all elements necessary for the daily life of a person, a passenger, a tourist and so on. Indeed it is a multifunctional complex comprising housing, employment, tourism, business, sport and relaxation.

We mention that this project has obtained an Agreement of financing of “300Million€” following the development of a Business plan.

3. The Sweet almond oil

It is about the transformation of an agricultural farm of 2600 ha into:

- A field of almond tree on a surface of 2000Ha in order to produce the sweet almond oil.
- A biological agricultural farm of 600 ha.
- Unit oil production 

The work is conceptual, technical, technological and economically focused on Biological agriculture, water, energy, processing industry. An action plan complete and coherent was established.

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